Manual Data Entry Services

Manual Data Entry Services
Manual Data Entry Services2019-01-24T19:08:32+05:30

Data Entry Solutions India, as name defines, is the one solution for each data entry task. We strive hard to provide a rich extent of data entry services to businesses of all shapes and sizes, supporting the market leaders in entering relevant data in an easy-to-access file format for quick retrieval of information. Assisted by a strong team of data entry experts, we can handle all kinds of data input sources like hard copies, PDF files, scanned images and so on. Our Manual Data Entry services handle data input sources such as books, magazines, Directories, Invoices, Business Cards, Catalogues, Legal Documents, Vouchers, Records, and more. With us, you can rest assured that your data entry project is highly secured and further, our Quality Assurance professionals ensure your database is error free and reliable for future references.

We provide following services as a part of Manual Data Entry:

  • Admin Data Entry
  • Yellow Page Directory Data Entry

  • White Pages Directory Data Entry

  • Business Card Data Entry

  • Account Statement Data Entry

  • Any Directory Data Entry

  • Catalog Data Entry

  • Restaurant Menu Data Entry

  • Simple Copy Paste

  • Handwritten & Printed Document  Data Entry

  • Data Entry

  • Image or PDF Data Entry

  • Invoice & Bill Data Entry

  • Legal Documents Data Entry

  • Logistics Data Entry

  • Manual Data Entry

  • Offline Data Entry

  • Offshore Data Entry

  • Online Data Entry

  • PDF to Excel Data Entry

  • PDF to Word Data Entry

  • Purchase-Invoice Data Entry

  • Text & Numeric Data Entry

  • Bookeeping Data Entry